All track saws are usually divided into three types: household, semi-professional, and professional. The main, but by no means, the only difference is in the resource of work. Learn more about tracksaw.

What is parquet for (circular saw)

The first hand-held circular (circular) saw, also known as parquet flooring, was released almost 100 years ago. Now it is produced by many enterprises. The leading positions were shared by Bosch, Hitachi, Metabo, Makita parquet floors. Let’s figure out what to look for when choosing a circular.

Application and benefits

First of all, you need to understand for what purpose the parquet is purchased. Almost all tools on the domestic market are professional. Household parquetry is produced by Black + Decker, which is also among Bosch products. They are distinguished by their compactness, lighter weight, high rotation speed, but they are designed for light use.

The key purpose of the parquet is to cut wood. Of course, other power tools will also cope with this task, but the circular is able to easily and quickly make a perfectly straight cut line, both longitudinal and transverse, evenly and at an angle. Also, the parquet can cut plastic, chipboard, laminate, plywood, etc.

Some manufacturers, such as Dewalt, produce consumables that can easily cut wood with nails. Others cope with slate, stainless steel, and aluminum. The type of material to be processed depends on several parameters: power, speed of work, size of the saw blade, number of teeth.

When choosing a parquet, it is necessary to determine the required cutting depth. It depends on the disc diameter, density, and workpiece width. You also need to understand whether the parquet will work with the guide and how often. For regular use, the Dewalt circular with molded sole and track slots is suitable.

Main parameters

Cutting depth

Three classes of circular saws are conventionally distinguished:

  • light: 40-50 mm, suitable for shortcutting of sheet materials, softwood. Designed for DIYers;
  • medium: 50-65 mm, universal models;
  • heavy: up to 140 mm.

Professional massive tool

This classification is conditional, since it may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Makita parquet floors with a shallow cutting depth do not exist at all.

Rotational speed

The permissible density of the material to be cut and the cleanliness of the cut depend on the speed of the saw blade. For domestic needs, 1500-4500 rpm is enough. For continuous work, high speed is required.

The average speed of parquet floors from leading manufacturers such as Makita, Metabo, Dewalt is 5000 rpm. One of the fastest circular saws from Bosch, their maximum rotational speed is 6250 rpm.

If possible, it is better to choose a circular with speed control, since high speed is not always needed. For example, if PVC is cut too quickly, it may melt.


The greater the hardness of the material and the cutting depth, the more powerful the parquet should be. In the simplest circulars, the power is 600 W, in professional it reaches 2.5 kW. The higher the value, the heavier the instrument.

Some market leaders (Devolt, Metabo, Bosch) achieve high performance with low power by increasing the number of revolutions of the disc and reducing its thickness. This makes the flooring lighter.

The DeVolt company pays special attention to the level of equipment used for the work. Simple gadgets require more powerful flooring.

Food type

The current technology allows the production of battery flooring. They are more mobile, safer and in terms of technical characteristics are not inferior to network counterparts. Charging the battery takes about half an hour.

Battery voltage may vary. The highest figure for Dewalt parquet floors is 54 V.

Most cordless tools spin faster than mains powered tools. Perhaps the highest revs are found in Bosch and Devault parquet floors. Network models are appreciated mainly for their lower prices.

The length of the cord for a professional circular saw should be about 3-4 m. Ideally, the cord is located at the back and has a long and rigid entry sleeve. Otherwise, there is a high chance of accidentally cutting the wire.

Saw blade

The number of teeth on the saw wheel determines the cleanliness of the cut and how hard the material can be cut: the more teeth, the cleaner the cut, and the more difficult the saw will handle.

A large consumable requires a powerful motor and high torque.

Another indicator is thickness. A thin blade in combination with a high rotation speed cuts efficiently at low power. In addition, the weight and durability of the parquet depend on the thickness. The thinnest consumables are from Metabo, Dewalt, and Makita circulars.

Serious manufacturers are trying to reduce vibration. For this purpose, Devolt makes special anti-vibration slots, which allow reducing the thickness of the disc to 1mm -1.7 mm.


The baseplate is rarely given the proper attention. And in vain. After all, the functionality of the parquet depends on it. The best are cast platforms made of aluminum alloys. They are lighter and retain their shape perfectly.

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