As the name indicates, the hydromassage is a massage made from water. It consists of emitting air from holes placed inside the tank, depending on the power with which the air is fired, it can be relaxing or invigorating. It, therefore, benefits from the massage and the therapeutic virtues of water. It will have effects both on the body and the mind, significantly improving the quality of life, as it restores psycho-physical balance and harmony. 

The hydromassage consists of directing a powerful jet of water towards one or more parts of the body to be treated, the least toned ones. The thousands of drops that are shot on the skin bring considerable benefits. The tank is equipped with vents that diffuse the air and form bubbles with a massaging effect. Increasing the power, of course, the massage will be more energetic.

From the material point of view, water is, first and foremost, our best ally against cellulite. The hydromassage allows us to attack the orange peel ‘, a problem that affects many people.

It reactivates blood and lymphatic circulation. Poor circulation is often at the root of the problem, although it is not the only factor. This exciting action provides better oxygenation and helps eliminate toxins for more effective drainage.

It has effective results even for those suffering from swollen legs, as it stimulates the tissues and water retention is reduced thanks to the massaging action of the water that helps drain excess fluids. The whirlpool is firming and helps fight obesity. The water pressure on the skin also goes to strengthen the epidermis. The skin is toned, smoothed, and relaxed.

The advantages that you will derive from the hydromassage, as well as physical, are also psychological. It is the best way to recover energy and serenity.

The whirlpool leads to total relaxation and to free the mind from worries and stress. The endorphins that are released during a hydromassage serve to eliminate fatigue and anxiety; in fact, it is recommended for those who have problems with insomnia. Taking a bath in the evening before going to bed, you can, of course, solve the problem and be able to sleep more calmly.

The whirlpool should not be used every day, but it is recommended two or three times a week. The time of a session should be around 15-20 minutes, at an optimal water temperature of 37 degrees. With a higher temperature, you have more relaxation, while with colder water, you will have a more fabulous tonic and stimulating effect. 

The benefits of hydromassage are numerous:

  • It has a profound cleansing effect on the skin, strengthens it, and increases elasticity.
  • Thanks to a powerful jet, it has a draining effect.
  • The whirlpool fights stress, as it induces the body to relax.
  • It is an excellent remedy for back, neck, and foot problems, and above all, it eliminates the feeling of heavy legs.
  • The hydromassage performs a deep massage; consequently, there is the elimination of toxins.
  • Combats rheumatism and arthrosis.
  • The hydromassage promotes blood circulation and hinders the appearance of varicose veins.
  • By relaxing the muscles, it promotes sleep.

Nowadays, there are so many models of whirlpool baths; they are always more powerful. They have many functions, such as chromotherapy, which combines the virtues of massage with color or aromatherapy using essential oils.

There are also many forms and models, such as the two-person bathtub or the corner bathtub. So to enjoy the benefits of hydromassage, you don’t need to go to wellness centers, but we can have them directly at home and without spending a fortune!

It is essential to request more free quotes without obligation from the companies in your area so that you can choose the best offer and be able to save! For those who prefer the shower to the bathtub, no problem! There is also a hydromassage shower, and it is also available in various models.

In this case, when the jets of water are directed to the vertebral column, they have anti-stress virtues, those oriented towards the lower part of the back firm up the buttocks and hips, finally those with vertical cascade massage the shoulders.

So there is something for everyone! For a bathroom equipped with a whirlpool, there are no special precautions, except for cleaning the tub or shower after use.

It is crucial, however, that there is good sound insulation in the room so that the vibrations are not transmitted to adjacent rooms.

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