Some of you surely know Sanskrit, others may not know very well what it could be: we will talk about this kind of plant in the next steps, explaining how it works and how much it costs.

It has probably happened to many to think of having a second bathroom at home. Unfortunately, sometimes, the point where you need to be able to dispose of it is far from the drain pipes: you often choose to give up so as not to run into long and expensive masonry work.

Taking advantage of the Sanitri t, it is instead possible to equip your home with an additional toilet service, without the need to carry out particular works on the walls and floor. It is however correct to point out that the SFA, manufacturer of the Sanitrit line, is not the only company to have put this very useful device on the market: we recall, to give an example, that the Pentair company is also involved in creating excellent plants of this kind.

Sanskrit: what is it?

A Sanskrit appliance is an element composed of a lifting/draining pump and a shredder, but the main feature of this appliance is not only that of being equipped with a high shredding force, but it is also that of being able to work through pipes of very small diameter!

Those who decide to install a Sanitrit system, choose to take advantage of a particular system that can be combined with any type of ceramic cup: it is used precisely to insert an additional bathroom in an interior and then a second toilet without having to invest considerable sums of money in carrying out major masonry renovation work.

The appearance of Sanitrit vaguely resembles that of a kind of suitcase not too big and its task is none other than to collect and/or crush what is unloaded from the WC, bidet, shower, sink, washing machine and dishwasher, pumping every something towards the drain column: this happens by means of small tubes with a diameter ranging from cm.2.2 to cm.2.8.

It is also important to note that the character of these tubes is that they do not get clogged, so they can also be quietly walled in or placed under the floor. The shredded and pumped material, passing through these small pipes, is perfectly able to reach the main sewage drain, and not only in the event that the latter should be several meters away, but also if it were placed on the upper floor or if it were present a slope. 

We also add that the Sanitrit is also useful for a kitchen or a room to be used as a laundry.

However, it is important to remember that in sanitary, you cannot throw anything! Sometimes it happens that someone complains about his blocked sanitary, maybe after throwing handkerchiefs or other types of materials! You will need to be careful that these types of objects do not end up in the appliance. Should the situation occur, it will still be recoverable; for a plumber, it will not be difficult to disassemble the affected part and extract the foreign body!Until a few years ago, this type of system was only the classic, fully exposed, while nowadays, you can also find the models built, which will then disappear. Evaluate well, therefore, what is the model that best suits your needs.

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