Sanskrit plant: how much does it cost?

The cost of Sanitrit depends on the models chosen, and there are several on the market. Moreover, it is good to keep in mind that the most recent saniflo toilets (equipped with activated carbon filters) are considerably quieter than the previous ones.

The price of a Sanitrit can start approximately from a minimum of € 80 to a maximum of around € 600/700, to which must be added the costs for labor.

However, to give you an even clearer idea of ​​how much a Sanitrit can cost, we point out some models that have been suggested to us by our users who have had the opportunity to install them in their homes.

Sanskrit Macerator Shredder

This Sanskrit shredder is equipped with three inlets and a 400W pump. From what we are told, it is particularly quiet.

SFA shredder model Sanskrit

This other basic model of the Sanitrit range can be connected to any ceramic toilet and is specifically designed to allow the discharge of organic substances and toilet paper. The kit is equipped with all the accessories for its installation, which, among other things, does not require building work.

Sfa Sanitrit Shredder Model Sanitop

The Sanitop Silence shredder is suitable for any traditional toilet with a wall outlet and has been reported as being particularly quiet and ideal for setting up a support toilet in commercial premises. This kit is also equipped with an odor filter and a clapet valve.

Saniplus Silence – Toilet Shredder 

The Saniplus Silence is part of the high range of Sanitrit kits and can handle large volumes of water drains even for several sanitary fittings simultaneously.

Sanitrit plant: pros and cons

So let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of a Sanitrit system, which is first and foremost a very useful system, which allows for wide freedom of design are. In fact, it becomes possible to renovate even those large apartments that are located in buildings that are very dated and where there is only a single drain pipe that obviously influences both the position of the kitchen and the bathroom. The possibilities with Sanitrit become many more, but unfortunately, there are also disadvantages to evaluate, let’s see them together.

Let’s start first of all from the assumption that correct installation is undoubtedly necessary and fundamental. It must, therefore, be done by following the technical sheet in detail. Unfortunately, however, minor inconveniences may occur. One of the most annoying things about the Sanitrit system is the noise it emits during its operation.

There are recessed fixtures that can be installed and certainly reduce this type of problem. In this type of installation, the noise can be further attenuated by using doors lined with soundproofing material.

Furthermore, the appliance is powered by electricity, and this means that, at times, when there may be a power failure, it will not be possible to use the bathroom. For this reason, it is often recommended exclusively for the second bathroom so that if there are problems with the supply of electricity, the other bathroom still works.

Another drawback of the Sanskrit is that it does not tolerate too high temperatures; in fact, the motor can overheat and stop working. The problem can arise if the system is also used in the kitchen. In fact, it can happen to discharge the cooking water of the pasta, which has a temperature of 100 °, and obviously occurs even when washing the dishes by hand with a lot of water hot.

This is why it is important and extremely necessary for the discharges of washing machines and dishwashers to use the specific products and not to convey everything in the same shredder of the pot, which also fears acids, the ones we usually all use to free the traffic jams in the bathrooms. The problem is that they could cause deterioration and cause a malfunction. Instead, what you should use periodically is a good descaler.

Sanitrit plant: what to pay attention to

It is important to know that Sanitrit is the first brand that created this system and started selling it on the market. It is, as we have seen, what we commonly call a toilet shredder, which is now also produced by other competing companies.

The dimensions of this device are contained, but it is able to eliminate the product of all the types of drain coming from the sanitary appliances and to pump them in height so that they can cross even long horizontal sections.

The system is, therefore, very convenient and effective, but it is essential to pay attention to having the experts perform the work in the hydraulic sector, whatever type of Sanitrit system you decide to install.

In fact, there are several models available for wastewater and sewage drains. Then there are the external devices and the built-in, the first should be placed behind the toilet and therefore could also go to create space problems as well as aesthetic, while the latter is hidden in a niche, and then manage to give the bathroom an appearance very similar to that of a traditional bathroom.

Do not forget that the appliance is not watertight, and therefore, in case of blockage or malfunction, the slurry comes out. It is often advisable to install flooding sensors that prevent at least the leakage of water.

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