The bathroom is, in a sense, a ‘delicate’ room in the house where you have to be careful about the choice of painting, a wrong decision, given the high humidity, can lead to the formation of mold and other unpleasant consequences. So be careful with how to paint the bathroom!

The painting should not be the same for all rooms in the house. In each place, it is necessary to choose it carefully based on the peculiarities and needs. The bathroom is indeed a room to pay particular attention to, and before deciding how to paint the bathroom, it is good to analyze different elements so as not to make mistakes.

Paint the bathroom, the various elements

First of all, we need to evaluate the size and structure of the toilet. If it is a large, bright, and ventilated bathroom, the choices will be more straightforward, and you will have more freedom to decide based on what you like. If you have a small room, not very bright and not very ventilated, then the decisions will be a little more obligatory.

Light and ventilation are two fundamental elements that go to affect how you are going to paint the bathroom. The bathroom, receiving a lot of steam and humidity, due to the presence of showers and tubs, must be painted correctly; otherwise, various stains will soon appear on the walls.

The highest risk of bathing is that it creates moisture and, therefore, mold. The first tip to avoid this is to open the window daily, to ventilate the room, better if you have a beautiful big window.

The air circulation is essential, especially after bathing or showering so that the paint on the walls is not damaged. If you have a bathroom that lacks ventilation, you could install a sound ventilation system.

There are many on the market today, and they are not very expensive either.

Then there will be a price difference based on the model you are going to choose. You can opt for two implants: natural or mechanical.

The natural one uses the convection movement of the air. Grids are placed at the bottom, where the fresh air enters and at the top, where the hot air comes out. The mechanical system instead acts in two ways: it extracts the air from the inside and introduces the clean one from the outside.

It can be switched on with the switch or connected to a timer, with programmed switch-on. Another case is the air recirculation related to the lighting of the light. When the sun is switched on, the ventilation system is also switched on.

We have seen that the greatest danger of damaging the painting on the walls is humidity, if you have a small window, you might think of creating an opening to another room, to favor more excellent air circulation.

Another idea could be to install a dehumidifier in the bathroom, to decrease the humidity. If you are not sure what to do, ask an expert for advice, who will be able to give you the best choice.

Painting the bathroom which paint should you choose?

To paint the bathroom, you need to choose the most suitable paint, the one that especially lasts over time and is not damaged by moisture.

The most used paint is water-based paint. It is breathable and is very resistant to moisture. It consists of a water base and is washable. By purchasing a particular type of water-based paint, mold, you can rest easy because it will preserve the walls of this severe problem.

You will have to circulate the air as much as possible, thus helping the walls to breathe!

Regarding the color of the paint, this will undoubtedly be chosen according to your tastes.

Also consider the style of the furniture, if modern you can dare more with more vivid colors. However, pay attention to the size of the room.

If this is small, you should not choose dark colors to paint the bathroom, as these will give even more impression of narrow spaces and will shrink further. In principle, the advice is to paint the bathroom with a light color that will provide more brightness to the room, preferably use white.

If you love colors, choose a very soft shade. Finally, it is necessary to establish whether the color you want is opaque, without gloss, bright, which is quite shiny, or satin, a middle path.

Paint the bathroom, how to proceed.

Before starting to paint the bathroom, remove all the accessories to make the whitening more comfortable. Remove all the elements resting on the sanitary ware, extract the switch plates, the handles present, and the various knobs and even the towel holders. At this point, cover with a cloth all the elements that cannot be taken out of the bathroom and also the floor to avoid staining it.

The wall must be well leveled, so remove all imperfections by sanding. To paint the bathroom you can use:

  • the brush,
  • the roller.

If the room is small, it is more convenient to proceed with the brush only, while if it is a large room, the roller will help you get the job done faster.

The paint you’ve chosen is in the bucket, so it’s time to start. With the brush, go into the outer parts of the wall, in the corners adjacent to the ceiling and the floor.

These frame areas are the most delicate. In the edges, it is better to use the brush for more precise work. If the rest of the wall is ample, proceed with the roller; otherwise, continue with the brush. The roller is not tricky to use, dip it in the bucket and roll it with a little pressure upwards. The secret of roller painting is speed. In the first pass with worry about imperfections, go ahead with the other passes, quickly, it is essential to complete the job with all the paint on the still fresh wall.

Painting the bathroom is not difficult, but if you don’t feel up to it, you might want to have a professional do the work, to obtain an optimal result.

How much does it cost to paint the bathroom?

If you are going to paint the bathroom yourself, you will spend very little. A 5-liter bucket of white water-based paint costs about € 20. Then if you take particular types, the price goes up slightly.

A good tool kit for painting, including a roller, costs about € 20.

If you do not feel able to paint the bathroom yourself, it is advisable to receive more free online quotes without the commitment from specialized companies in your area. On average the cost is 5-6 € /sqm, but by receiving more offers you can choose the best one, and you will be able to save money, which never hurts!

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