The perfect modern bathroom is not only aesthetically beautiful but must have characteristics that make it functional. Spaces and colors must all be balanced together and be in harmony with the rest of the house. Let’s see some tricks on how to cover a modern bathroom at its best.

Knowing how to design a modern bathroom is very important. Do not be afraid if your toilet is not large: to renovate a small bathroom, you only need to use the space you have available in a practical way to understand how many pieces of furniture you need and how to put them in order not to be uncomfortable or cumbersome.

Cosmetics and products are indispensable, especially for women, but also for men, an idea would be to store them in a small mirrored wardrobe, to be fixed to the wall or a modern piece of furniture with a washbasin increasingly used in this type of bathroom. There are exquisite small modern bathrooms that, if well designed, give the impression of being much more spacious.

The characteristics of a modern bathroom

If you are about to turn around and renovate your bathroom, you can research the latest design trends. We abandon the idea that “modern” is synonymous with “cold,” today, a modern bathroom is composed of the most common materials that we call “classics”: wood, marble, rough stone, and others. Each genre has a more eclectic and more minimalist style.

Obviously, as with any other style, the modern bathroom has some fundamental characteristics that distinguish it: essential lines, basically squared shapes, neutral colors. For this reason, it is perfect for both large and small spaces.

In any case, the term “perfect” is entirely subjective because every person has tastes and needs, and our bathroom will reflect the essence of what we want. 

For example, a person might love more vivid colors so that he could concentrate on a mosaic of stones from a strategic point. Others may prefer to have a bathroom in the shower cabin, or have both if you have enough space. Everything is about knowing how to rationalize areas so that they are well organized.  

Those who opt for a modern bathroom must be able to keep up with the times: choose a clean and linear furniture. 

How to make a modern bathroom: which type of furniture to choose

To give a modern touch to your bathroom, you need to consider accessories, details, and lighting. The typical spa baths have become extremely popular and are true holy wellness mannequins. As for the choice of shower or bath, the rule applies: the bigger, the better.

A perfect modern bathtub would be the freestanding one, available in various forms, or the walk-in shower is going to replace the old booths more and more. Those with a sufficient budget can also repaint the walls and make a complete restyling of the rooms.

Currently, gray is one of the most used colors or neutral colors like white or green. In any case, natural and artificial lighting must be considered for the colors to match the room. For example, if the bathroom does not have a large window, painting the walls with gray would make your bathroom dark and not at all relaxing. 

You can also fully customize your wellness sanctuary: installing LED lights to create the right atmosphere, keep in mind the smallest details like hooks for bathrobes or taps, lamps, or toilet paper holder. 

How to dress a perfect modern bathroom

The coatings can be of many types: colored, metallic, or flat, as long as they are in line with the rest of the house. 

Especially in the shower enclosure or on the over-bath, condensation may occur during a bath, to avoid damage, it is good that the lining is optimally executed. In the long run, this phenomenon can lead to various problems and mold, so it is necessary to guarantee correct heating and proper ventilation in the bathroom, whether natural or mechanical. 

To coat the wall with tiles would be an excellent solution to use a waterproofing layer; in particular, the waterproofing glue is entirely water-resistant. 

For grouting, on the other hand, there are cement-based stuccoes, a little dated but the most used and epoxy grouts, which do not contain cement and are more resistant to mold (the material is similar to resin). 

Types of coatings and floors for a modern bathroom

The latest trends for 2016-17 concern all types of mosaic-effect ceramics and relief decorations, such as wood or stone tiles.

Lately, the idea of an elegant modern bathroom is increasingly appreciated, so much so that families are more inclined to this kind of design. 

Depending on your needs and your taste, you can opt for many types of modern bathroom tiles: from light ones, like beige or ivory tiles, or bright shades like blue or dark like blue, but almost a ceramic coating is always preferred (especially in recent times).

A bathroom entirely tiled with blue or blue tiles is antiquated and not at all elegant, everything lies in knowing how to identify strategic points to give that extra touch of refinement, such as a mosaic in the shower cabin.

Or you can create a modern bathroom with warm and serene tones, such as beige and ivory, accompanied by some particular tiles of wood color. Or rely on the classic modern bathroom: opaque tiles in large sizes with dark shades, such as smoky gray, in contrast with a light floor and furniture.

This creates a more relaxing atmosphere, which gives a feeling of well – being. On the other hand, it is what you want from a bathroom. 

Recently, parquet is more and more used: there are floors of the kind specifically for the bathroom, but still, compared to standard tiles, they require more maintenance. 

If you don’t want to rely on wood, there is wood-effect porcelain stoneware. They are real porcelain tiles of long dimensions (created to resemble the boards of the parquet), precisely to prevent the problem of real wood (and pay even less). 

For those who love luxury and have a large budget, there is the chicest material of all: marble. It is used for any coating: boiserie, floors and more.

The costs of covering a modern bathroom

Here we come to the most challenging part, which not everyone appreciates: the costs of restoring your bathroom. Since people have different economic resources, their possibilities for purchasing various bathroom fixtures and accessories are also different. You can opt for modern luxury bathrooms, but also something cheaper depends on the budget.

For example, not everyone can afford marble or solid wood, refined and beautiful materials to look at, desirable, especially for lovers of pomp, but quite expensive. Many opt for plywood or plywood because they cost less, are lighter and stain-resistant.

Some people prefer marble to quartz, a material available in different shades and finishes, for the same reason: more comfortable to clean and less expensive to modernize.  

In itself for a cheap bathroom, you can spend from 500  to 1000 euros, depending on the material and the accessories used, but for a nice boiserie in marble and solid wood furniture, even 2000 or 3000 euros.

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