Create a second bathroom in the room, some tips.

Creating a second bathroom in the room is not complicated, just pay attention to some elements, which absolutely cannot be missing. To avoid making mistakes, it is good to plan all the work right away.

Obviously, the first element to establish is the budget you have available, so as to choose materials and accessories that are appropriate to your pockets! Having clear ideas about the amount to spend right away is important to make the first screening of those estimates that are too expensive for you.

Since the second bathroom is small, it is good to opt for suspended sanitary fixtures that occupy the least possible space. There are many models and shapes on the market, so you won’t have any problems. On the contrary, you will be spoiled for choice.

Even the sink needs to be smaller than the standard one, so as to free up as much space as possible to move easily. If you have the space to install the shower, make sure the shower tray is small enough to fit in the room.

When you decide to create a second bathroom in the room, the measurement of the spaces is very important since not having large sizes, even a single centimeter, can make the difference!

At this point, it is necessary to organize the hydraulic and electrical systems. Try to pay attention to the lighting, especially if it is a blind bathroom. Having a lack of natural light, it is good to choose a shade of light that is similar to the sun and try to introduce as many light points as possible.

As for the plumbing system, let an expert carry out an inspection to understand how it is best to act.

In the event that the place where you would like to create a second bathroom in the room is away from the drain pipes, do not despair, there is a solution!

There is a particular system suitable for this kind of situation. It is a device that is installed with the toilet and is equipped with a shredder. This allows you to discharge into pipes that have a very small diameter.

With this device, there is no need to carry out major renovation work, the shredded material also arrives at the main sewage drain, so it is a great invention!

An important tip is to choose the painting carefully. If you love dark and bright colors, you will, unfortunately, have to give it up! If you paint the room in blue or red, for example, it will look even smaller!

So keep yourself on light shades, even better white, giving more light to the room. Opt for water-based paint, it is resistant to humidity and prevents the formation of mold. Try also to place some beautiful mirrors, which will have the function of multiplying the spaces.

For heating, there is nothing more appropriate than a towel heater, takes up little space, and by installing it, you will not need additional items to hang towels and a bathrobe.

If you think that your bathroom will have little natural light and you would like to improve this aspect, you might consider not building the usual masonry walls, but using a glass block, which allows more light to filter through.

Another solution could be to install a door with a window at the top so as to let in the light that is present in the bedroom. Being the window in another, your privacy would be safe!

How much does it cost to create a second bathroom in the room?

It is very difficult to give a precise cost to create a second bathroom in the room, since it depends on several factors, including the size of the room, the quality of the materials, the work you intend to do. As an indication we can say that to create a second bathroom in the room you will not spend less than 2000 €.

Or, sure, to be able to save money, the only way is to request more free, non-binding online quotes from companies in your area. In this way, you will be able to compare more offers and choose the one that is most convenient and is right for you. Since the companies compete with each other, savings are guaranteed!

NOTE: All information, prices for the creation of a second bathroom, the costs provided by us are purely indicative. Each price is variable due to economic conditions, timing, market, and location.

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