Does creating a second bathroom in the room seem like a utopia? In reality, it is not a dream, so unattainable! Just follow our advice, and it will become a reality!

Creating a second bathroom in the room is the dream of many, and, unlike what many think, it is not at all difficult to achieve it! Following our advice and respecting the regulations on this matter, you too can have a second bathroom in your room without spending a fortune!

Nowadays, life has become very hectic, and in the morning, it is really difficult to reconcile everyone’s needs and have time to spend in the bathroom. All in a hurry and often, in larger families, if you have only one bathroom, you need to get in line and wait for your turn! This is why it is very important to have another bathroom at home. Even a small one would solve many problems.

Creating a second bathroom in the room may seem very complicated, but in reality, it is not! All you need is a room that is not too small, and you’re done!

Creating a second bathroom in the room can be really useful, even if small. Depending on the available space, you can decide to put the toilet, bidet, and sink, or even add a shower tray, but this depends on the size of the room. For a bath, including a toilet, bidet, and sink, even less than two square meters may suffice, while if you want to install the shower tray, it will take about 2.5 square meters.

 Create a second bathroom in the room, the regulation.

As for the current legislation, a bathroom in the room is allowed only if it is a second bathroom. You can create a second bathroom in the room, even if there is no window.

If there is no opening to the outside, however, it is necessary to equip the room with a ventilation system, as for any other blind bathroom. There are many models on the market, so you can choose the one that best meets your needs.

There are basically two types of ventilation systems :

  • natural,
  • mechanics.

The natural ventilation system uses the natural movement of air convection. Ventilation grilles are installed at the bottom for cold air inlet and up for warm air outlet.

The mechanical ventilation system performs two operations: it extracts the air from the inside and introduces clean air from the outside. It is put into operation with a simple switch, or there is the possibility of connecting it to the lighting of the light and then making it start together with the lighting. In the market, there are also models that have a timer. In this case, you have the possibility to program in advance the time in which to start the air exchange.

Always comply with the current legislation, it is necessary to present a DIA (commencement of activity report) in the municipality.

This document must be signed by a qualified technician, who witnesses that you are going to create a second bathroom in the room, respecting all the hygienic-sanitary and safety rules.

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