A 1 million euro bathtub? Yes, that’s the price! I wondered if the ‘tapina’ is me who on a winter daydream of a ‘simple Jacuzzi,’ or the wealthy tycoon who, with the utmost satisfaction, takes a check for six zeros to take a hot bath. And to answer this question, I investigated what makes this € 1,000,000 luxurious bathtub so unique.

1 million euro bathtub: work of art of high weight

I want to tell you that a hot bath is regenerating even if it is made in the old grandmother’s tub. I thought so before having seen what they were capable of furnishing the XXII Carat, the most luxurious new complex in the world located in Palm Jumeirah.

Where is it?

In Dubai, of course, and where if not? Stuff to make the stories of The Thousand and One Nights Dull!

Twenty-two dwellings of pure unbridled luxury with a value of between 10 and 23 million euros each.

Now it is also apparent to those who, like me, of millions of euros know very little that if you spend a fortune to buy such a dwelling, you expect furniture to live up to ‘ no limits ‘ expectations.

And what better satisfies the desire to distinguish the super-rich? Not only ostentatious ostentation but also unique details in furnishing. The most expensive bathtub in the world is rightly among these because it has all the requirements to satisfy the need for the exclusivity of ultra millionaires.

For this reason, the three existing examples in the world are found right at the XXII Carat. They are the work of the Italian designer Luca Bojola for Baldi Home Jewels, based in Florence, and they are authentic works of art of nature, worked by human ingenuity.

Here is what they invented to make a precious and at the same time, unrepeatable artifact: they went to the Amazon and found a rock crystal block, weighing 10,000 kg, a real maximum weight among natural stones. The entire crystal was transported to Florence and worked by Italian artisans, engaged for hundreds of hours to make the interior smooth and smooth, while the exterior remained natural to preserve the uneven charm of rock crystal.

And the other two copies? Since there are no identical stones in nature, one is made of green quartz and the other of rose quartz.

1 million euro bathtub: lightens the bank account, but takes care of the spirit

The idea of ​​natural crystal as the material for the most expensive bath in the world also returns in the unique model designed by the Dutch sculptor Jan-Carel Koster for GUIDERO Holland BV.

But why is the crystal so successful when it comes to extra-luxury items? It is said to be one of the most powerful healing stones in nature and able to improve positive energy and resolve emotional traumas.

Undoubtedly, the first trauma that will solve will be the one related to having paid the very high bill to buy it!

I studied it carefully and cannot fail to impress with the extraordinary detail. It can hold up to 3 people and was made with a single block of labradorite, and a volcanic rock formed millions of years ago in Madagascar. The weight of this ‘pebble’ was 18,000 kg, which, after processing, were ‘streamlined’ to give shape to a tank of 7,500 kg.

This type of rock is iridescent and, due to the diffraction of light, has blue, red, green, yellow, and orange reflections. If this were not enough, as mentioned, the labradorite is considered a magic stone that protects the spirit and takes care of the soul, strengthening the positivity and calming the minds.

Who knows if, besides all these properties, like the philosopher’s stone of Harry Potter, it will also be able to transform any metal into gold and produce an elixir of long life. Maybe that’s why it costs a fortune …

Restoring the bathroom: comfort and convenience

I believe that a welcoming bathroom, created as it should be and with the precise details of furniture, can rival the toilets of the nabobs that house the € above 1 million tanks.

Finding the right measure to reconcile taste expectations with budget needs is the secret to finding your ‘philosopher’s stone.’ The magic wand, in this case, is not needed. A little patience, the desire to devote time to the project, and a good dose of curiosity are enough.

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